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New Series no. 33/2019

ANCA ILEANA DUŞCĂ, Interpretarea şi aplicarea noţiunii de restrângere sau denaturare a concurenţei prin „obiect” în sensul art. 101 T.F.U.E. (Interpretation and Application of the Notion of Restriction or Distortion of Competition by “Object” Within the Meaning of Art. 101 T.F.E.U.)

ANCA ILEANA DUŞCĂ Conf. univ. dr., Universitatea din Craiova, Facultatea de Drept. Abstract Free and undistorted competition between public or private firms of the Member States of the European Union is closely linked to the proper functioning of the internal market; this is why competition law is a major component …

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TITA-MITRACHE LAURA-GRIGORIŢA, L’eau de la terre-douce, calme et pure dans les oeuvres de Marguerite Duras (The Earth Water-Sweet, Calm and Pure in Marguerite Dura’s Works)

TITA-MITRACHE LAURA-GRIGORIŢA Prof. dr., École Malu Mare; E-mail: Abstract In the following study we would like to highlight the qualities of the water of the territories described in Marguerite Duras’ works; they are rivers: the Mekong of Indochina (The Lover, The Lover of North China and A Dam Against …

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