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SEVASTIAN CERCEL, ILIE MURĂRIŢA, A study on the functioning of justice in Romania during the period 1918–1949

Prof. univ., PhD, „C.S. Nicolăescu-Plopșor” Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities of the Romanian Academy, Faculty of Law, University of Craiova;

Assoc. Prof., PhD, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Craiova

Romania’s participation in the First World War was “a decisive step in the mission of national unification of the country”. After 1918, the Romanian historical provinces, previously under different legal regimes, set off on a common path, which had to be reflected in the national legal system as well. Bessarabia brought the regime of the Russian laws and the old Moldovan laws and customs, which remained in force there. Bucovina and Transylvania brought the Austrian and Hungarian legislation. The legislation of the provinces was different in point of principles and spirit from the legislation of the Old Kingdom. The proper functioning of justice, which also required a legislative unification, was essential in the new state, and a synthesis of the good practices from all regions and the observance of European standards were confidently expected.
The study is mainly based on data from statistical yearbooks compiled by the official bodies in charge with it, ie those from the years: 1922 to 1934, 1937–1938, 1939–1940. The part assigned to the problems specific to the functioning of justice had a very diverse structure throughout the analyzed period, which makes it quite difficult to follow some indicators for the entire analyzed period. The justice component was divided into chapters, of which we have dealt with the following: “Criminal statistics”, “Judicial activity” and “Penitentiaries”. Sensitive judicial problems and cases from that period have also been dealt with, but this analysis remains within the objective scope of figures and stage results.

functioning of justice; judicial activity; criminal statistics; penitentiaries

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