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TUDOR NEDELCEA, China şi valorile ei în viziunea lui Eminescu

Cercetător ştiinţific I, dr, Institutul de Cercetări Socio-Umane „C.S. Nicolaescu Plopşor” din Craiova, al Academiei Române;
E-mail: tudornedelcea2006@yahoo.com

The study presents an original aspect of Eminescu’s work, more precisely his articles. For the author of Luceafărul, the faraway China was not an unknown country, but “the most educated country on earth”, which he exemplifies by taking into consideration some specific facts or Romanian political phenomena.
The author of the study demonstrates that Eminescu knew “the path to the virtue of the Chinese La-o-tse”, the European books about China, the stipulations of the peace treaty between China and Russia (1881, economic studies of the “famous” Mandarin Matwan-lin, he had information from the English press about “the greatest book in the world”, a collection of ancient and modern literature etc.

Eminescu, China, culture, civilization, economy

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